Remote Process Explorer


Easily manage all of your computer's processes


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Remote Process Explorer is a tool that enables you to manage all of the processes on your computer. It's similar to a task administrator, but includes many more options and features.

You'll have all of the information about each running process visible at a glance. And, if you right-click on one, you can search for information about it on the Internet, which can really come in handy if you want to investigate a process with a suspicious name that might be easily confused with malware.

One of the most interesting features included in Remote Process Explorer allows you to administer a previously-configured computer remotely. Doing it is simple thanks to a comprehensive tutorial that you can find on the program's website.

Remote Process Explorer is an intriguing application for any user who likes to have all of the processes running on their computer monitored and under control, especially if the default Windows task administrator just isn't cutting it anymore.

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